Chameleon Cantina
Chameleon and Reptile Habitat

The Chameleon Cantina is a tropical oasis for
your chameleon. The innovative design allows the
habitat to hang or sit perfectly on its base. Ideal for
creating a natural tropical environment where
chameleons can eat, drink, relax and get exercise.
The Chameleon Cantina is also perfect for growing
a wide varity of plants and flowers.
Drinking Fountain
For the Chameleon Cantina

The Chameleon Cantina Drinking Fountain supplies a continuous flow
of water for maintaining the health and well being of all types of
chameleons. It also provides chameleons with tranquil natural water
sounds. Replaceable activated carbon pads filter the water and keep it
fresh. Designed to fit securely into the bottom of the Chameleon Cantina.