The aquarium reinvented.
But with so much more.

By breaking the boundaries of the traditional aquarium the BioBubble Aquatic has opened a door to a whole new world. A world where you can see more and do more.

BioBubble Aquatics - Types of Habitats

The sum of its parts that make it possible.

Illuminated 360˚ views let you see your environments in crystal clear clarity. Custom designed, integrated filtration keeps everything looking top notch. And at the base of it all is the expandable sleeve that makes it all possible. Parts like these define a whole new standard for aquarium keeping, and provides the basis for an outstanding educational tool.

Sum of it's Parts
  • Revolutionary design.

    Instead of the typical box we went with a dome. A dome with a crystal clear 360˚ viewing space that lets you see it all. Not just the front of the habitat but the sides, back and top as well. This ushered in the design of the patented expandable sleeve technology. With this state-of-the-art engineering the dome can be removed, cleaned and replaced without having to empty the unit. Just squeeze the side latches to expand the sleeve and remove the dome for complete access. This amazing design puts the BioBubble Aquatic in a class of its own.

  • Powerful filtration.

    We developed a specialized filter housing to integrate with the base of the BioBubble Aquatic creating an advanced configuration. This powerful internal filtration unit is ideal for both freshwater and saltwater environments. The pump circulates and filters up to 60 gallons of water per hour through fine mesh media and is designed to provide residual heat to maintain comfortable temperatures for a wide variety of aquatic animals. Since proper aeration is vital to the health of all aquatic animals the filtration unit has built-in airflow channels and a check valve.

  • LED illumination.

    The BioBubble LED CapLite brings illumination to all those beautiful 360˚ views. Light-emitting diode, or LED, is a semiconductor light source. LEDs are known for their long life, cooler temperatures and higher energy-efficiencies when compared to incandescent lamps. The CapLite utilizes these LEDs in an interchangeable lamp technology allowing you to mix and match colored bulbs to create spectacular effects inside the BioBubble. The CapLite is compatible with all BioBubbles and WonderBubbles. And with the CapLite your habitat is never in the dark.

Freshwater Environments
Freshwater Environments
From goldfish and bettas to serious freshwater aquatics.

The BioBubble makes a great starter tank for keeping goldfish or bettas. But the BioBubble really comes to life when used for more advanced endeavors. With the addition of plants and decorations along with integrated airline output it becomes easy to create incredible underwater aquascapes. And with the integrated airline output hooking up air-driven ornaments is simple and easy.

Planted Environments
Planted Environments
Beautiful underwater landscapes.

With its 360˚ views the BioBubble is perfect for creating that tranquil underwater planted landscape. The deep cavity of the base makes its possible to use a rich iron-based substrate that will allow underwater plants and grasses to put down strong roots and thrive. Then complete it with some dark stones and a small school of tetras.

Cichlid Environments
Planted Environments
Taking freshwater to the next level.

African Cichlids make for a stunning environment with their beautifully colored bodies and expansive selection of shapes and sizes. Most cichlids live in shallow waters making the BioBubble an excellent habitat. Cichlids prefer a rocky environment so make sure to include a large amount of rocks and hiding places for them.

Semi-Aquatic Environments
Semi-Aquatic Environments
Turtles, frogs, fish and more.

The BioBubble is not only great for fish but it’s amazing habitat for semi-aquatic inhabitants as well. By partially filling the BioBubble and a little imagination you can create the perfect environment for turtles. Watch tadpoles transform into frogs. Keep water loving lizards and snakes.

Saltwater Environments
Saltwater Environments
Gorgeous fish and beautiful corals too.

For the advanced aquarist nothing compares to the beauty of a saltwater aquarium. Or the challenge to create and maintain a thriving nano reef. And no habitat could be better suited for that task than the BioBubble Aquatic. From its integrated powerful filtration system and advanced LED CapLite that makes it possible to keep the environment clean while providing corals with the proper lighting conditions. To the rounded dome that allows for amazing 360˚ views. Craft your ideal nano reef and sit back and enjoy the beauty.

Go beyond the aquarium.

The BioBubble Aquatic excels at providing the perfect habitat for created breath-taking aquarium environments. But with its modular design and optional accessories it’s much more than just an aquarium.

Small Animal Habitats
Small Animals
BioBubble Bungalow
The stylish loft apartment
for small animals.

The BioBubble Bungalow converts the BioBubble Aquatic into a fun multi-level loft environment for hamsters, gerbils and other small animals where they can play, nap and exercise. The Bungalow comes with a durable ABS deck, washable hammock and an exercise ladder. Use the BioBubble Bungalow with any BioBubble Riser when creating habitats for these small animals. Risers can be stacked and multiple Bungalows can be used to create even larger fun habitats for all small pets. The upper level bungalow allows for exercising, playing and napping while the deep lower level is ideal for small animals whose natural behavior is to dig and burrow in their bedding.

BioBubble CarbonFresh Pads
Keep it fresh and clean.

CarbonFresh Pads are infused with a special activated carbon that removes odors week after week. Typical replacement for busy small animal habitats is 4-6 weeks. BioBubble CarbonFresh Pads create a clean, sanitary and odor free environment for the health, well-being and comfort of your pets.

Expansive Terrariums
Expansive Terrariums
BioBubble Mesh Riser
Expand up and customize.

BioBubble Risers expand the size of the BioBubble Aquatic so you can create custom habitats for all types of land animals. All BioBubble Risers are stackable so you can create even larger habitats for animals that climb, fly or need additional space. There are several different types of Risers to choose from depending on the type of habitat you are creating. These include the MeshRiser, Clear Riser, BioRiser, CageRiser and the Terrarium Riser.

BioBubble BioScreen
Proper lighting for all.

The BioScreen attaches to all BioBubble Risers and allows specialty lighting to be used inside the BioBubble. Made from corrosion-resistant, high quality aluminum the BioScreen allows fixtures to run cooler and bulbs to last longer. The reflectivity of the aluminum increases light output from all light sources. The BioScreen may also be used as a divider between BioBubble Risers for keeping multiple species in the same habitat.

Feathered Friends
Feathered Friends
BioBubble Cage Riser
A front door and a back door.

Keeping birds in the BioBubble Aquatic is as easy as adding the BioBubble CageRiser. We included two doors, one in the front and one in the back for easier access to the interior and inhabitants. The CageRiser is constructed for durability and a lifetime of trouble-free use. Water bottles, food cups, nests, hideaways, toys and perches can be mounted all along the interior or exterior of the riser. Stack multiple CageRisers together to create environments suitable for larger birds or mix and match with other available Risers to create a customized habitat. Also use the BioScreen to keep multiple species separated in the same habitat.

BioBubble Bedding Tray
Easy cleanup.

For bedding and substrates we developed a durable plastic bedding tray that fits perfectly into the BioBubble Aquatic base. These bedding trays make emptying and replacing your soiled bedding or substrate easy and convenient. Simply remove the tray when it’s time to replace the bedding, rinse and reuse. Bedding trays can also be used to hold water and other substrates. These trays are also designed to hold Carbon Fresh Pads. These pads soak up moisture and odors to create an odor-free habitat.

Plants, Flowers and Insects.
Plants, Flowers and Insects
BioBubble Clear Riser
Control temperature and humidity.

BioBubble Risers expand the size of the BioBubble Aquatic and provide spectacular views into all of the environments you create. The BioBubble ClearRiser can be used to create fantastic environments where temperature and humidity need to be controlled. BioBubble risers can be stacked in order to create even larger habitats to grow tall plants, flowers and herbs as well as for animals that love to climb. There are several other different types of Risers to choose from depending on the type of habitat you are creating. These include the MeshRiser, BioRiser, CageRiser and the Terrarium Riser.

BioBubble Planting Tray
Grow deep roots.

For soil and soil like substrates we developed a durable plastic planting tray that fits perfectly into the BioBubble Premium base. The planting tray is extra deep enabling the BioBubble Premium to hold both dry and wet soils or substrates. This allows plants, flowers and herbs to put down deeper, stronger roots. Planting trays can also be used to hold water and other bedding substrates as well as odor fighting Carbon Fresh Pads.