Bubble Tunnel

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The Bubble Tunnel strikes the perfect balance between form and function. The innovative design of the transparent tunnel uses positive water pressure to keep water in the tunnel while it is submerged and allows your freshwater fish to swim through.


  • The bulb in the middle magnifies your Betta
  • Planting tray included for a natural backdrop
  • Flat back of the tunnel allows placement of photos or a mirror
  • Silicone covers for each end of tunnel to setup water inside



SKUUPCNameDimensionsCase QuantityImage
42168001819189013882Bubble Tunnel – Black11.5″ x 11.5″ x 14.25″8Bubble Tunnel - Black


Wonder WandWonder Wand Logo

Ever had that one spot that you just can’t get clean? Fret no more: The WonderWand is here! Our unique foam bristles gently remove algae and dirt without scratching the surface of your prized aquarium. The WonderWand is ideal for the Bubble Tunnel Kit, aquariums, skimmers or any other difficult cleaning job.

  • Flexible wand bends into desired shape for easy reach
  • Convenient handle provides a firm grip and a hanging provision
  • Great for hard to reach places
Wonder Wand
SKUUPCNameDimensionsCase QuantityImage
47388200819189013882WonderWand18″ Total Length12WonderWand