Deco Cubes

A Deco Cube is a 5.5 inch half-gallon cube that is perfect for Betta fish and miniature planted terrariums. It is available in singles or packs of three. Make a dramatic design statement in any room of the home or office. Perfect for Betta collectors!


  • Modern design
  • Safe, non-toxic construction
  • Perfect for Betta fish & plants


SKUUPCNameDimensionsCase QuantityImage
42273115819189012731Deco Cube – 1 Pack5.5″ Cubed20Deco Cube - 1 Pack
42274815819189012748Deco Cube – 3 Pack5.5″ Cubed (each)12Deco Cube - 3 Pack


Stacking Kit

When stacking Deco Cubes, L Support Arms provide the stability to the base Deco Cube. T Support Arms support the stacked Cubes. Stack the Deco Cubes in twos and threes. Some configurations with more cubes may require additional support arms
Deco Cube - Stacking Kit

SKUUPCNameDimensionsCase QuantityImage
42325700819189013257Deco Cube – Stacking Kit5.25″ x 5″ x 0.5″24Deco Cube - Stacking Kit


Deco Cube - 3 Pack

Deco Cube - 3 Pack